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Indoor LED Display

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Indoor LED Display


  • Is the device to express the natural color lighting which is composed of the 256 CHIP
    SMD LED Lamps (16 X 16 DOT)
  • Is the ONE-P.C.B. TYPE, so is slim and light and operates in a high speed
  • Has the high brightness (6,800cd/m²) through the STATIC operation
  • Has wide operation angles (horizon: 120° and vertical: 120°)
  • Is a small PITCH, and is highly clear to see even in a close look
  • Is strong, and has a high radiant heat and high brightness
  • Is able to be implemented for multi-purposes because it can easily and simply compose the large-size screen by assembling this product vertically and horizontally
About Product
Characteristics Descriptions
LEDScreen LED Composition Red x 1, Green x 1, Blue x 1
Type SMD(3 in1)
Horizontal of visibility angle 120˚ (±60˚)
Perpendicular of visibility angle 120 ˚ (±60˚)
Module Size H 160mm x W 160mm x D 12.66mm
Pitch 10mm
Resolution W 16 Pixels x H 16 Pixels
Weight 386g
PanelUnit Size W 640mm x H 640mm
Resolution W 64 dots x H 64 dots
Module Composition W 4 x H 4 = 16 Module
Power Stand-by Power 1KW
Peak Power Consumption 630W : White Peak
weight 31.5kg
Reference White Brightness > 6,800 Nits(cd/ ㎡)
Vertical Refresh Rate Typical 180㎐
Internal Color Processing 10 Bit Color Depth
Displayable Color A billion seventy million color
Input Signal Format DVI (HDMI)
Dimming Control 4bits (16 Levels of Brightness Control)